Nice ride, shame about the hot pants

It’s really about how we choose to react. A couple of Sundays ago the sun was shining. It was a beautiful, late summer day. The kind of day two-wheel enthusiasts lap up, and, being one of those two-wheel types (self-propelled or motorized) I decided that being out on my Ducati would be a great way for to relax. However, I […]

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Lillooet overnighter. Day 2

A pleasantly firm bed, but a disturbed sleep. The joys of motel life. Day two was to be a less arduous ride,about 100 Km less than day one. I was heading to Pemberton. When i set out I had no idea that the next 80 Km would be the best of the ride; pleasant surprise! The bends tightened and became […]

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This is not Plan B

I’ve seen a quote attributed to actor Will Smith that’s essentially states that if you have a Plan B you’re contemplating failure and that in itself is failure. So, to demonstrate my sense of purpose and mental fortitude, this is not Plan B. Given the weather forecast of thunder showers in the area I’m heading to it makes perfect sense […]

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Road trip readiness

With the postponement of the Rockies road trip, an easy overnighter around the Lillooet loop has become the ride of the summer. Although nothing like last years adventure with memories that are deeply etched, the ride will still be in to new territory. I’m looking forward to riding through the Fraser canyon and thinking back to Charlie Boormans Canada ride, […]

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Music Therapy Ride

Being part of a massive bike convoy, now that’s cool. I’d promised myself that I’d take part in the Music Therapy Ride, a once a year charity motorcycle ride for the Canadian Music Therapy Trust. I guess there are a couple of questions, what’s music therapy and why do the ride. The Canadian Music Therapy Trusts mission includes the following, […]

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