Road trip readiness

With the postponement of the Rockies road trip, an easy overnighter around the Lillooet loop has become the ride of the summer. Although nothing like last years adventure with memories that are deeply etched, the ride will still be in to new territory. I’m looking forward to riding through the Fraser canyon and thinking back to Charlie Boormans Canada ride, Lillooet, through Pemberton and down to Whilster has the potential to be spectacular.

Sunday morning is the off and the weather forecast will dictate clockwise or anti clockwise.

Late Saturday night and the weather for the last part of day 1 still seems unsettled. Having ridden in torrential rain for two plus hours last year I’m sure I can handle showers!

Although not as excited as last year, I’m sure once I get riding the freedom smile will appear.

Time to complete the Lillooet loop.

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