When asked why I relocated to BC I flippantly reply “If you’re going to have a mid-life crisis, do it in style.”

In 2007 having waited for Permanent Residents visas and with the family in tow, I relocated from Maidstone, Kent, UK to Vancouver, BC, Canada. This was truly out of the comfort zone and in to the unknown. Life in the UK had, for many years, been a corporate job, long commute and what I considered to be a regular existence. After two redundancies within 18 months and at an age where employment was no longer a foregone conclusion I convinced my wife that a fresh start somewhere else would be a good idea. I’m not sure that she thought ‘somewhere else’ would be around 5000 miles from home.

My work life pre-relocation was mainly spent in telecommunications, moving from engineering to management and finally, in a somewhat unexpected change of direction, in to environmental management. My ‘green’ skills are what I originally brought to Canada and where better to bring them than the west coast where the natural environmental is second-to-none. Since my arrival I've continued to develop my creative talents through the occasional foray in to Improv and reconnecting with photography which has shifted from interest to part of my work portfolio.

When I’m not at work you can generally find me on a Ducati (or Vespa), on a dance floor or gazing at the mountains. BC Brit is my way of capturing what I experience in my new home.

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