California road trip day 7

The ride across the mountains on the Redwood Highway was wonderful.

This would possibly be the final day of riding in the sun. The thought of heading back in to the rain, plus the tiredness that comes from a fairly demanding schedule had started to create the odd moments of tension, be it short of patience or just not caring about the route to be taken. Even so, father and son were still speaking and still determined to get the most from the end of this road trip.

The route for day seven would see us continue up the coast to Crescent City then over the mountains and back on to I5 to Roseburg, a city I’d passed through in 2010 on my first North American road trip. Another full day.

From time to time the coast road wandered in land and over mountains.
At these points the sun disappeared and it was time for the warm gloves as mist closed in around us and temperatures dropped. The permanent sunshine of the Bay area seemed somewhat distant.

Time to cross the final mountain range, to say farewell California, hello Oregon. And what a crossing, more twisty roads including a few interesting lefthanders with sheer drops left unguarded. Even Elliot didn’t push too hard around those curves. The ride across the mountains on the Redwood Highway was wonderful.

Five days previously we’d taken a lunch stop in Grants Pass to watch England slide out of Euro 2012 and Grants Pass would once again provide rest and refueling for two weary riders. It was back to I5. Boring but fast  It was at the tail end of the days ride that Elliot noticed my rear lamp wasn’t working. Once parked up at the next anonymous but comfortable motel a blown bulb was diagnosed, replacement bought and fitted. It was the only bike issue of the trip so far which considering the distances travelled wasnt too shabby.

Elliot dipped in to Urban Spoon and came up with another local eatery. This evening would be a BBQ meat meal at Charley’s with countless sauces. Another success too. We’d not eaten poorly at all, no daily burger for these bikers.

The road trip was drawing to a close. The final stretch was known, Freeway all the way so probably nothing much to write about. However, the thing with road trips is one never knows. Day eight beckoned.

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