Washington road trip

After a number of training rides it’s time to go for the real thing.

I’d hatched a plan at the tail end of last year. Lesley wasn’t over interested in doing the motorbike thing for herself and the Ducati was too small to tour together. What to do? The inspirational idea was slow-tour or more accurately, scootour. I sold the concept of touring minor roads on Vespa’s. The catch was that we only had one scoot and to tour we needed a larger engine scoot that required a motorcycle license to ride unsupervised. Minor details, the Washington scootour was on.

A new scoot for Lesley was required and a local dealer, Vespa Metro delivered the goods. A returned GTS 300 Super in white at an unbeatable price. As good as this deal was, it left me with a problem. I was riding a GTS 250. How could the more experienced rider be on a less powerful scoot? Vancouver’s other Vespa dealer, Urban Wasp came to the rescue as they happened to have a few discounted GTS 300’s available. I eventually settled on an identical scoot to the one I had, just with the larger engine as that way I could transfer the colour-coded top box which would save $$$.

1208-Washington-01The scoots were purchased and kitted out. My Vespa had the side crash bars transferred along with the top box. I fitted the flyscreen from the 250 on to the white scoot, bought a matching top box  and sourced a cool smoked flyscreen for my black scoot. The Vespa’s were ready to roll.

Lesley passed her bike knowledge so could ride under supervision and, as the weather improved the training rides started. First locally on quiet roads, then on to busier, faster roads and eventually a couple of longer rides to Mission and Harrison Hot Springs. On the BC day weekend a final, longer ride to Bowen Island by ferry was fitted in.

After a number of training rides it’s time to go for the real thing.

Washington awaits. The tour will run down the coast as much as possible island hopping off Seattle and possibly on to the Olympic National Park.

Scootour 2012 is go.

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