Stave Lake

A chance to get out on the Ducati in the brilliant sunshine led us to Stave Lake near Mission.

Lesley hasn’t been on the back of the Ducati since last summer when we took a couple of trip to Fort Langley on the old Albion Ferry. As the sun was shining we decided to head out to Stave Lake, just to check it out.

The journey was well worthwhile as we ended up at yet another stunning lake location within 40 minutes of home.

The site is part of the Stave River hydro-electric project and is essentially a reservoir that has a dam for generation, leading in to Hayward Lake reservoir and Ruskin Dam.  The whole area seems littered with these hydro created recreation areas and people take full advantage of easy access to the water towing mainly speedboats to launches and simply chilling out on the lake. With the mountain backdrop it’s easy to see why messing about on boats is so popular here.

Bike wise, the Ducati performed flawlessly and there’s power to spare even with 2 up.
The only downer about these rides is ending up at the destination in jeans rather than shorts. Having said that, it never ceases to amaze me to see so many bikers out in T-shirts and shorts. Maybe I’m just too risk averse (wimpy) to do it, or maybe I just know my limits.

Having chilled whilst others launched and landed their boats we headed back for a delicious Gelato at Matteo’s. The Dine Here reviews say it all. Great Gelato, great people.

Life in BC – brilliant.

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  1. Andrea
    July 28, 2010

    You’re truly living in the Promised Land! Great shots of you and Lesley!

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