Washington road trip day 3

We’d made it to the Olympic peninsula.

This was to be an easier day with limited scoot time. We’d booked in to a motel in Port Townsend for a couple of nights and would plan our next few days from there. Our destination was a short ferry trip across the Puget Sound. As it happened, the previous days aborted trip to Fort Casey could be revisited as the Fort was next to the ferry terminal.

1208-Washington-23So, first stop Fort Casey. The fort was built towards the end of the 1800’s as one of several fortifications to protect the western coastal area from attack, and much like the other forts, it never fired its guns in anger. The potential invasion never materialized, threats changed from seaborne to airborne and within twenty years of completion, the fort was obsolete, serving only as a training base. These places are facilnatng to wander around. Exploring the nooks and crannies, figuring out the use of the rooms beneath the gun emplacements, imagining what life in the early twentieth century would have been like.

After a leisurely wander around the fort it was time to mount up and mosey along to the Coupeville ferry terminal. One great thing about being on two wheels is that you’re invariably sent to the front of the line on ferry’s and this crossing was no exception. Now, the thing with scooters is that sometimes they’re not treated seriously. A scoot isn’t a proper bike and thus is ignored. This seemed to be the case today as two guys on BMW’s in front of me remained firmly in conversation with not so much as a nod of the head. Actually, I can’t complain too much as there’s been a lot of biker wave Vespa respect from others riders. I think that it’s an acknowledgement that the scoots are travelling at a good speed and properly in formation so the riders are obviously ‘proper’ bikers despite being on a Vespa.

1208-Washington-25A coffee and muffin later it was Port Townsend. We’d made it to the Olympic peninsula. The plan was to investigate the town over the afternoon and head out towards Port Angeles on Tuesday. Port Townsend isn’t a large place, investigating really didn’t take long. One great find was the late lunch stop Better Living Through Coffee. A local cafe with great food and coffee (Fair Trade, organic and where possible, locally sourced foods) with a smashing view of the Sound. Highly recommended.

Day three closed out pretty quietly. A good nights sleep was needed as the plan was to take a ride further along the peninsula tomorrow.


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