This is not Plan B

I’ve seen a quote attributed to actor Will Smith that’s essentially states that if you have a Plan B you’re contemplating failure and that in itself is failure. So, to demonstrate my sense of purpose and mental fortitude, this is not Plan B.

Given the weather forecast of thunder showers in the area I’m heading to it makes perfect sense to delay the ride for 24 hours. Today will be a quick trip south of the border and a chance to test drive the Nexus Card.

My first longer ride if the season took me to Sedro-Wooley, WA. One of those places that you normally ride through or bypass without a second thought as you head for the Cascades. Today Sedro-Wooley claimed its 15 minutes as my turn around point on a ride to check out the scootability of the minor roads as the Vespa may enjoy a long weekend away in Winthrop. One absolute hoot was passing through Acme. Yes, Acme. The beep, beep was loud and clear in my head as I rode through town, fortunately no Wile E Coyote spotted.

The Home Town Cafe, a real mom ‘n pop throwback provided a fair BLT for lunch and it was back on the bike heading north. Rather than stick on I5 to the Peace Arch I decided to peel off and head back to Sumas. After all, this was a Sunday afternoon ride, a leisurely jaunt in the beautiful Pacific Northwest sun. A little too much sun as it happened. The border line up at Sumas started started well before the quick-crossing Nexus lane so I was forced in to an extra few minutes wait astride an air cooled, nicely simmering Ducati. Once I reached my Nexus, all was well. Straight to the Border Guard, nothing to declare other than a full stomach and that was it. Canada.

By the end of the ride I’d covered about the same distance as I will on each day the Lillooet loop ride, so today wad an excellent warm up.

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