Lillooet overnighter. Day 2

A pleasantly firm bed, but a disturbed sleep. The joys of motel life. Day two was to be a less arduous ride,about 100 Km less than day one. I was heading to Pemberton. When i set out I had no idea that the next 80 Km would be the best of the ride; pleasant surprise! The bends tightened and became […]

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Lillooet overnighter

Although I’m a late developer when it comes to biking, being in the Pacific Northwest certainly helps to make up for missed years of road tripping. I’ve struggled to get myself in to a road trip high for this short overnighter around to Lillooet loop. Maybe in the murky recesses of my wanderlust mind, an overnighter just isn’t a road […]

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California road trip day 9

And that was it. Post road trip silence. After a really relaxed final evening it was time to gear up for the final time on this road trip. Time to head home. The final leg from Olympia to the border was straightforward with just a couple of refueling stops. The only issue we had was my comms headset failing. A […]

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California road trip day 8

We were wet. We were very wet. We were very wet indeed. Day eight and rain was forecast from Eugene to Portland, and the forecast was correct. Our end point for the day was Olympia, Washington. We had around 300 miles to cover and it was all Freeway. Not an exciting prospect. We had a plan. Oregon, the home of […]

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California road trip day 7

The ride across the mountains on the Redwood Highway was wonderful. This would possibly be the final day of riding in the sun. The thought of heading back in to the rain, plus the tiredness that comes from a fairly demanding schedule had started to create the odd moments of tension, be it short of patience or just not caring […]

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