Washington road trip day 1

Seriously. Two hours fifty minutes in a line up to cross the border in searing heat, pushing the Vespa’s. Now that’s dedication.

After the challenge of California by Ducati it was time to tackle something a little less demanding. The scootour was planned to be slow touring, taking minor roads, taking it easy. It was to be Lesley’s introduction to the two wheeled road trip. Day one would be a leisurely jaunt from Vancouver to Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, Washington. And so it began, Vespa’s go wild in Washington.

It all began pretty well. Clothing for the week all packed in to the top box. Sun shining  Out at a reasonable time.  Ride to the border relaxed. That was until the dreaded crossing time signs. Pacific crossing, 70 minutes. We hit the end of the line far further back than I’d ever been. It sure looked like a long line, and it proved to be just that.

1208-Washington-04However, 70 minutes turned out to be spectacularly optimistic.  Seriously. Two hours fifty minutes in a line up to cross the border in searing heat, pushing the Vespa’s. Now that’s dedication. Yes indeed 170 minutes it was. But the reward for patience was the most human border guard I’ve ever experienced. A really nice guy, chatty even. It might not have taken away a long hot push but it didn’t add to the stress levels and I was very thankful for that.  As a first real experience of crossing as a Canadian (I’m not counting the previous road trip as I was travelling with my son who had to use his UK passport – long story, another time maybe) it has to be said that it was better than crossing as a Brit.

We were now really on our way. Time for the minor roads. In to Blaine, then along the coast, weaving left and right until we entered Bellingham. Through the city and out towards Chuckanut Drive. Now there’s a very pretty road to ride. Only two lanes, twisty, next to the coast, up and down hill. Very nice Indeed. The frustration was that having lost so much time at the border, we had to push on without stopping.

We finally hit highway 20 which turned out to be a fast and windy ride, but fortunately not for too long. Once back to a single lane things didn’t feel so fast paced. Unfortunately even though the ride pace had backed off, so had the sun. In fact it was feeling pretty chilly through the mesh panel in my jacket.

By the time Oak Harbor arrived I was starting to shiver. Not the best way to end the days ride. But, the Vespa’s had performed superbly, simpy purring along. And what’s more, lots of ‘biker waves’ from cruiser and sport bike rider. Respect for the scooterists.

So, day one of the second road trip of the year complete. Day two will be based in Oak Harbor, exploring more of what Whidbey Island has to offer.

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