The AmeriVespa shots

It was my longest ride, the sun shone, I saw lots of scooters. I enjoy riding my Vespa, a GTS 300. It’s great fun, powerful enough to keep up with traffic and comfortable enough to use as daily transport in good weather. This year, AmeriVespa was being held in Seattle and it seemed like a no-brainer. I should go and […]

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Music Therapy Ride

Being part of a massive bike convoy, now that’s cool. I’d promised myself that I’d take part in the Music Therapy Ride, a once a year charity motorcycle ride for the Canadian Music Therapy Trust. I guess there are a couple of questions, what’s music therapy and why do the ride. The Canadian Music Therapy Trusts mission includes the following, […]

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Washington road trip day 5

This was the first experience of two wheeled road trips for Lesley and she handled it impeccably. Weather checked, not looking good. The 10 degree drop that occurred between leaving home  on Saturday morning and waking up on Sunday morning had remained and it made riding chilly. The traffic speeds experienced the previous day were probably going to be the […]

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Washington road trip day 4

That’s the thing about road trips. Planning on the go is permissible. Port Angeles and maybe a trip up the local mountain that was the plan. Today we’d push a little further in to the Olympics. Highway 101 was a route I’d traveled before, in 2010 on my first road trip and earlier this year on the California trip. The […]

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Washington road trip day 3

We’d made it to the Olympic peninsula. This was to be an easier day with limited scoot time. We’d booked in to a motel in Port Townsend for a couple of nights and would plan our next few days from there. Our destination was a short ferry trip across the Puget Sound. As it happened, the previous days aborted trip […]

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