Seaside wrap up

The excitement of Cannon Beach was obviously too much. Thoughts of activity slipped away to be replaced by thoughts of, well, nothing. Having said that the holiday culture need was satisfied by paying a visit to the Seaside museum. As with past walking tours and museum visits, a familiar pattern to the history of the town emerged. Hardy pioneers, entrepreneurs, […]

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Winthrop weekend

It’s raining but I’m not at work and I’m spending time with Lesley. Time to relax and unwind for a couple of days. I’m in the right frame of mind for that to happen, mentally relaxed, letting it all go. First pit stop in Abbortsford. It’s already after 1pm. Hot coffee (too hot) and banana loaf before crossing the border. […]

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Seattle underground tour to Twin Peaks tourist

Seems like sewing was a very lucrative business in Seattle in the late 1800’s. I’d seen Seattle from on high, it was now time to check out Seattle from below. The city’s underground tour is based around the Pioneer Square area, one of the oldest districts. However, before going underground, i passed by one of the most prominent landmarks, the Smith […]

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Riding to Mount Baker

Finally I’d reached the uppermost parking area and the views were more than spectacular. I had to retake my motorcycle test when I arrived in BC, just like I had to retake my car driving test. That was four years ago and whilst on the riding course I struck up a friendship with James. Although we don’t get together frequently! […]

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California road trip day 9

And that was it. Post road trip silence. After a really relaxed final evening it was time to gear up for the final time on this road trip. Time to head home. The final leg from Olympia to the border was straightforward with just a couple of refueling stops. The only issue we had was my comms headset failing. A […]

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