Washington road trip day 5

This was the first experience of two wheeled road trips for Lesley and she handled it impeccably. Weather checked, not looking good. The 10 degree drop that occurred between leaving home  on Saturday morning and waking up on Sunday morning had remained and it made riding chilly. The traffic speeds experienced the previous day were probably going to be the […]

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Washington road trip day 4

That’s the thing about road trips. Planning on the go is permissible. Port Angeles and maybe a trip up the local mountain that was the plan. Today we’d push a little further in to the Olympics. Highway 101 was a route I’d traveled before, in 2010 on my first road trip and earlier this year on the California trip. The […]

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Washington road trip day 2

I’d never been pulled over for being under the posted speed limit before The target for day two was Deception Pass. We’d ridden over the bridge between the mainland and Whidbey Island the previous day but didn’t have a chance to stop and take in the views. So back north for around 20 minutes. Well, it would have been but […]

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Washington road trip day 1

Seriously. Two hours fifty minutes in a line up to cross the border in searing heat, pushing the Vespa’s. Now that’s dedication. After the challenge of California by Ducati it was time to tackle something a little less demanding. The scootour was planned to be slow touring, taking minor roads, taking it easy. It was to be Lesley’s introduction to […]

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Washington road trip

After a number of training rides it’s time to go for the real thing. I’d hatched a plan at the tail end of last year. Lesley wasn’t over interested in doing the motorbike thing for herself and the Ducati was too small to tour together. What to do? The inspirational idea was slow-tour or more accurately, scootour. I sold the […]

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