California road trip day 4

An easier day proved to be the right thing to do.

From San Jose to Monterey, over the hills and far away (with thanks to the well loved and missed Ian Dury for the paraphrased rhyming couplet). Following a chat with Lesley and Ryan the previous evening we decided to keep heading south, Monterey was the target which was an easy ride.

After a lazy breakfast in a local bagel shop we hit the road. Now although I’m not the Apple fan boy I used to be, Cupertino was en-route, and how could I not swing by for a quick photo op. So, Apple HQ was duly snapped and ridden around. We then headed for Santa Cruz on highway 17, a wonderful curvy over the mountain road. Elliot was once again enjoying his bike and I was happy just to cruise along taking in he sights, sounds and smells. Riding is such a multi-sensory experience, one misses so much of the bigger picture when cooped up in a cage.

Around Santa Cruz it was time to shift to highway 1, one of the most spectacular roads on the continent, although not the bit we rode! Having said that I guess my expectations are set high these days as there’s so many beautiful rides to take.

After checking in to the motel for the evening it was time to be a real tourist. Monterey Fishermans’s Wharf beckoned. With shorts underneath the biker jeans, I was prepared to let loose the legs for a couple of hours when we arrived in the wharf area. A very pleasant few hours were spent wandering on the piers, checking out the pelicans and seals and having a wonderful seafood meal.

 The end of the day was approaching and as the motel was close to the beach, a final photo session was held. End of day, Pacific Ocean sundown. Sweet. An easier day proved to be the right thing to do. Tomorrow the journey home would begin.



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