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Great Escape Pod - Ryan, Mark, OwenOne of the fun aspects of my Brits in Vancouver project has been the serendipitous connections.

I received a message from Ryan. He assured me he wasn't in some far off land and didn't want to send me thousands of $$ if I'd only part with my bank account details. In fact, he'd come across Brits in Vancouver and had an idea. Along with Ramirez and Mark, Ryan is co-host of a Podcast, The Great Escape Pod, and wanted to know if I'd interested in being interviewed. Sensing a win-win, I accepted the offer and asked if Ryan and crew would be part of Brits in Vancouver. The four of us got together for coffee at English Bay (where else?) and thrashed out a podcast interview and photoshoot agreement.

My next few posts will tell the stories of Mark, Ryan and Ramirez, three Brits on a mission to chat about life in a foreign land. Check out their podcast. It's a laidback, Brit banter-filled listen, covering topics that explore how their guests have made the transition from homelands to pastures new.

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