Waking up

Life sometimes gets in the way. Despite having ample opportunity to put finger-to-keyboard over the last two years, I’ve chosen not to. Blogging for me was always going to be a personal experience and reflective outlet and that’s still the case. I have been focussed over the last couple of years on building a business. Despite my best efforts, the […]

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Back to reality

A relaxed breakfast, final wander around the town and on the road. Time to head for home. The traffic was certainly heavier than Friday. Driving felt more pressured, I had to keep up, the pace was faster. Consequently, the ride back through the Cascades was not as enjoyable. However, the horizontal relaxed state returned at he first pit stop. At […]

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Winthrop weekend

It’s raining but I’m not at work and I’m spending time with Lesley. Time to relax and unwind for a couple of days. I’m in the right frame of mind for that to happen, mentally relaxed, letting it all go. First pit stop in Abbortsford. It’s already after 1pm. Hot coffee (too hot) and banana loaf before crossing the border. […]

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California road trip day 1

Sometimes a road trip isn’t about the road or the views, it’s about the challenge and endurance. Home to Albany, Oregon The plan was quick route down, slow route home. San Francisco is 2.5 days. That meant getting some good mileage in on day one when fresh. So, Saturday morning arrives and after a filling breakfast it’s on the bikes […]

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California road trip

There was a time when I thought it might not happen. But come the weekend, California here I come. After my 2010 road trip in to Oregon I desperately wanted to extend the bike road trip and take the Ducati to California. San Francisco was set as the destination and the plan started to come alive. Initially the road trip […]

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