Waking up

Life sometimes gets in the way.

Despite having ample opportunity to put finger-to-keyboard over the last two years, I’ve chosen not to. Blogging for me was always going to be a personal experience and reflective outlet and that’s still the case. I have been focussed over the last couple of years on building a business. Despite my best efforts, the reality is that the business has not taken off. I’ve learnt a lot in terms of my resilience, added new skills (who’d-a-thought I’d tackle Improv), built on existing strengths and got to know myself an awful lot better. The time has not been wasted.

The thing with being self-employed is to recognise when things need to change. Being able to identify what’s working, what isn’t working, what can be added and what must be dropped is essential to business and personal growth. Through good planning, trial and error and yes, failure, I’ve continually refined what I do. Picking up the bcbrit blog is actually part of that process.

My aim is to develop my creativity. Writing will be part of that development and one doesn’t improve unless one actually does ‘it’. It’s the same for photography. I will be posting far more images on bcbrit as I want to improve my photographic skills.

The site has a new purpose. I’m waking up. I’m back.

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