Show and Shine – Inside Story

The inside story of Show and Shine

Continuing my Show and Shine series, I shot a set of interiors through the nearside window. The only post was minor tweaks of the jpeg as I'm not looking for perfection, simply the practice of returning to manual and thinking about what I'm doing. It's a very valuable process as I'm slowing down and thinking more about what I'm doing. I'm confident that the more I shoot, the better the composition will be. 

As I begin my journey in to commercial photography I want to explore many genres until I home in and hone what I'm good at, what I enjoy and what my commercial style is.

The range of interiors on these show cars was amazing. The detailing, the materials, the colours, the smells; quite a heady blend. It's not a stretch to visualize hours of tlc spent on these cars, either at home or in a shop. The results are a petrolhead (gearhead) delight.

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