California road trip

There was a time when I thought it might not happen. But come the weekend, California here I come.

After my 2010 road trip in to Oregon I desperately wanted to extend the bike road trip and take the Ducati to California. San Francisco was set as the destination and the plan started to come alive. Initially the road trip for 2012 was to be another solo ride, however my son invested in a Suzuki SV 650 and asked to come along. This would now be a father son adventure.

Preparation has not been without its hiccups and who’d have thought that finally getting Canadian citizenship would prove to be the issue. Put simply we’ve been subjected to Federal bureaucracy gone bad.

My sons citizenship certificate had an incorrect date of birth and that has made getting a passport somewhat challenging. Going south is easy, with dual citizenship we can enter the US on a UK passport. Getting back in to Canada, well, maybe a little more complex. After two passport office visits, MP’s office intervention, visits to Citizenship, we’ve arrived at a place where the trip is on despite the lack of a Canadian passport for my son. Smooth roads and sun beckon, San Francisco beckons time to saddle up and ride.

Again, this is what the relocation is about. The chance to experience the kind of ride that I could only dream about in the UK. The cool thing is having invested in Bluetooth bike to bike comms that interfaces with my phone I can even fire up some serious cruising music to enjoy. There are times when classic Tom Petty makes total sense. Music for highways.

There was a time when I thought it might not happen. But come the weekend, California here I come.

I intend to post each day on this trip and am looking forward to capturing the thoughts and feelings that only a challenge like a long road trip can generate. Boy I love being on the West Coast.


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