Montana road trip – day 6

The Kootenai Falls were an amazing find, an unexpected highlight of the road trip.

Another night under canvas. We’d managed to avoid caterpillar infestation, which given the amount of caterpillars dropping on to my head and shoulders from the trees was a minor miracle. Ah, the delights of nature.

Day 6 saw us leave the little island paradise and start the journey home. The route back was once again through Montana, Idaho and Washington, but a more northerly road was to be travelled. With day 1 still firmly etched in to my memory, the first task was to find somewhere to stay for the night. Highway 2 would take us through Bonners Ferry, Idaho and our new best friend, yelp delivered the goods. A room at the independent Log Inn was duly reserved.

A real serendipitous moment was in store along the highway. Lesley spotted a sign for the Koonenai Falls and the parking area wasn’t crowded. Time to pull over and explore. The Kootenai Falls were an amazing find, an unexpected highlight of the road trip. With temperatures in the mid thirties, Lesley and I set off for the bridge, not knowing what ‘the bridge’ would be. Turns out it was a single track, wooden swing bridge strung across the Kootenai River. Now I’m not a great one for heights, but this was something not to be missed. I did have second thoughts though. A couple with dogs were crossing before us.

The dogs, Rottweilers, reached the stage where terror cut in, backsides went down and front legs were stiffened. So, if I was to cross this bridge I had to be harder than your average Rottweiler. Something I’d not considered myself to be, I have to admit. Lesley in the meantime had decided that she’d take refuge in the shade whilst I risked life and limb for that one great pic. With the deepest of deep breaths I set out. Boy, was it worth while.

The river was flowing fast, the bridge anything but stable and the views, well, I simply wouldn’t have missed the experience. What made it even better was that it didn’t cost a penny. Plus, no safety guy around.
It was at my risk.

The crossing back was a little more fraught as I met another family half way across. Making out way past each other on a 3 board wide bridge was interesting, but personal space was not compromised and without a whiff of fear emanating from my nether regions, I was back with Lesley. We continued to explore the area and I found that it was possible to get down to the waters’s edge, close to the actual falls. What an experience, no safety precautions included,  just me deciding how close I wanted to go.

The Kootenai Falls were an amazing find, an unexpected highlight of the road trip.

After the exhilaration of the falls, it was back on the road to Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Another glimpse of small town USA, a very homely room for the night, and an enormous meal at a local restaurant. Probably more calories in one meal than I’d had in the previous two days combined. And a very well deserved beer.

After 6 days on the road, this foray in to the USA had provided some absolute gems of experiences. There was more to come as day seven beckoned.

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