CAFC – a season to savour

After a few short summaries on how the Addicks season has progressed, the “another great result” format is wearing thin. More league and cup wins followed by a couple of draws haven’t dampened my enthusiasm from afar, but finding new superlatives and praise is certainly getting harder as the weeks and games go by.

Despite being restricted to glimpses of games on the BBC, through sites like not606, I can still feel fully involved in this seasons promotion bid, and that’s a good thing. And it’s just as well not606 exists as coverage of teams outside of the premier league is, well, somewhat lacking to say the least. Having said that, what I do find is an absence of gossip and other premiership drivel. It’s actually rather refreshing not to have to endure reading about the mindless antics of the well remunerated elite in the so called best league in the world.

Life in the 3rd division is all about the game, it’s all that matters and I’m thankful for that. But would I want to remain taking n 3rd tier footie? The Brit in me responds with a resounding no. From what I’ve seen, League 1 brings at times slapstick defending, neck aching inducing long balls and parklife finishing. So, I’m left with the tension that exists between the desire for a higher standard of footie and the knowledge that when the coveted land of the prem comes once again, CAFC news will be crowded out once more by the tabloid exploits of “enter big name of the day here” rather than being non-existent. Seems like a no win thing really. But that’s all part of supporting a club rather than being sucked in to the world of the trophy hunter. Maybe, that’s something to explore another day.

In the meantime I’ll look for new angles on what I hope to be Charlton’s promotion season,

Oh, and if I really want to take in League 1 level footie I can head for the nearest MLS game.

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