Montana road trip – day 3

It was the sheer scale of the pass that was so impressive. This was the start of the Rockies.

A good nights sleep in a real bed and it was time to explore the area. Today the Logan pass beckoned. Logan Pass cuts through the Glacier National Park in north west Montana. Straddling the continental divide, Logan Pass is at the start the mountain range that heads north in to Canada, the range we call the Rockies.

Having lived in BC for around 4 years, what would I make of our destination?  After all, BC is a beautiful place, the mountains here in (almost) daily view, the provincial and national parks stunning. Would Glacier National Park measure up?

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After an hour’s drive we arrived at the park entrance and headed towards the pass. A glimpse of what was to come came around every curve, the park gradually opening up before us. The ascent to some 7000 feet began. The climb was steady, never steep and the higher we got the greater the view. It was the sheer scale of the pass that was so impressive. This was indeed the start of the Rockies. To be honest, it’s really not worth trying to describe was unfolded, this place has to be seen to be appreciated. Even the camera cannot truly capture the vastness. Let’s just say that it was a snapshot of this awesome natural environment.

The unfortunate thing was that as the pass was do busy with visitors we didn’t get a chance to stop at the summit to explore more. It was still worth the trip though, just to experience the vastness and beauty of the pass.

Changing subjects, one app became a must use on this trip – Yelp. When WiFi was available, Yelp and the iPad helped find somewhere to eat and somewhere to sleep. Invaluable.

Day 3 came to a close. Day 4 would see us going under canvas for a couple of nights on an Island on Flathead Lake.

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