One Year On

Brits in Vancouver has reached its first birthday. This ongoing project, a showcase of how people from the UK have moved to the Metro Vancouver area and are busy contributing to the economy and creating a new life, started as a simple idea. I wanted to fun, photographic project that involved portraits. 

The project quickly gained a real focus with the consistency of Doctor Who’s TARDIS bringing all the participants together. In this series, the TARDIS is a metaphor for the experience; travel, adventure and meeting unfamiliar cultures. 

I’ve met fellow Brits in a diverse range of locations from Lynn Canyon to Acadia Beach, from Downtown Vancouver to Central Park in Burnaby. Everyone I’ve met had a special reason for wanting the photo-shoot in a specific location. The place had meaning for them. 

Most of the year one participants were, like myself, relative newcomers to the area having been here for less than ten years. I now want to add a new dimension to the project, finding people that had lived here for longer than myself and capturing their experience. Another aim for year two will be to look for a broader range of participants. Until now my calls for involvement have been through Facebook Groups and whilst I’ll still use that channel, I want to tap in to other sources. More on that another time.

Brits in Vancouver will continue to develop until I decide that the series has completed its lifecycle. I do not know when that will be, so, just enjoy the ride, meet new people and ask yourself “What would it take for me to step out of my comfort zone and create a new life?” Everyone I feature has been busy answering that question for themselves.

Year two of the project starts with meeting Emma, who has lived in the area for more than twenty years. Coming soon…….

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