Hotels and suitcases

Don’t live out of suitcases, particularly when there’s 7 cases to choose from. It’s as simple as that.

The first few days after arrival were mentally and physically draining. After the best part of 16 years of stability in the same house, living out of suitcases across 2 hotels was a slog. Why 2 hotels? Plan A involved securing rented accommodation by our first Saturday. It became clear that we wouldn’t achieve this and discovered that the Hilton in Metrotown, our home, was full as it was a holiday weekend. A desperate search ensued and we secured another hotel a few miles away from another 2 nights, then moved in to the holiday apartment we’d stayed in when out here in June.

So, in our first week we’d managed to make our temporary home in 3 different locations.

What was good about the experience. At no time was we anything other than well fed, clothed and housed. When thinking about things from that perspective, the first week was a breeze.

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