Back in the studio

I'm back using the studio and it feels like the creative juices are running again. 

I've known Archi for a few years. He's now a graduate of the Langara Professional Photographer program and I recently challenged him to arrange a styled photo shoot at the studio. He accepted the challenge and we hit the studio with Elena and Samansa. We'd not worked with either the model or the hair and makeup artist so it was a voyage of discovery for everyone. Archi and I agreed to assist each other and we initially set up for a stunning high key background. We have different shooting styles, I tend to work waist up, Archi is currently shooting more full-length fashion. We also edit differently so even though we worked with the same model, we knew we'd create different images.

What I love about the studio is that on sunny days I'm not restricted to traditional studio lighting. There's a window that provides amazing soft, natural light as well as a skylight that can beam in bright, hard lighting. During this session with Elena, I was able to use a range of setups that provide some wonderful contrasting images.

I always want to know more about people I work with, so here are five things about Elena.

1. "You know what makes me happy? Being in very crowded places like concerts, restaurants, hotels, beaches and seeing people’s beautiful smiles."

2. "I used to live in London UK for 4 years and those years were unbelievably beautiful. London is such a magical city, you should at least live there for a month to see what I mean."

3. "I studied Master of Law at the University of Greenwich in London. Law is freaking hard but I love my major."

4. "It’s so funny that the first time I got scouted for modelling by my neighbour who owned a modelling agency back in London, I refused to be a model, first because I was so busy with my studies and second, being 5.6ft I thought I’m not tall enough to be a good model! Years later here I am, loving to be a model."

5. I love doing pilates and the first thing I’m gonna do after Covid is, get my pilates instructor certificate.

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Model: Elena

Hair and Makeup: Samansa

Assistant: Archi 

I'm back using the studio and it feels like the creative juices are running again. More styled shoots to come as well as Brits in Vancouver stories. The second half of 2020 is going to be great. 

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