Early digital life

Taking a peek at my photographic journey.

I've always retained an interest in photography, yet there have been times when I've ebbed and flowed. Sometimes we allow life to get in the way of our interests and I certainly fell in to a dormant period. I've decided to revisit elements of my photographic journey, picking things up from the early digital days, although my history goes way back to an Olympus Trip and Pentax K1000.

My first experience of digital photography was around 1996 with the Apple QuickTake 150. I evaluated the camera for business use and was also able to use it to bring to life a car club newsletter I co-produced. I was sold on the idea, yet it would be years before I shifted to using digital as my daily format.

First digital steps

The Canon Powershot A300 all 3.2 megapixels of it became first real foray in to digital. I've included a few images made using the A300 that showcase the limitations of the gear as well as my desire to explore my creativity.

Looking at these shots now, the limitations of 3.2 MP are clear; artefacts, noise and a lack of sharpness. Having said that, I could still produce thoughtful images and these few shots are representative.

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