Winthrop weekend day 2

Soporific or chilled. A fine line maybe. In the morning I’d probably side with the former. The afternoon was more the latter.

1308-Winthrop-02Winthrop plays host to the Shafer Historical Museum. The mainly outdoor attraction is filled with artifacts from the age of giants. Large, mechanical farming and mining equipment was scattered throughout the museum grounds and neatly provided interest whilst walking to the buildings. The early years of Winthrop are neatly captured here and with entry by donation, it was well worth the visit. One thing certainly struck me and that was despite making things from alternative materials, smaller and more efficient, a lot of appliances, tools and transport we use now aren’t really too different from what was on offer a century ago.

1308-Winthrop-03The temperature was certainly rising and despite the forecast of showers, nothing remotely wet turned up. The pace was so laid back that soporific was definitely the feeling for the morning.

The afternoon was spent relaxing at Pearrygin State Park a wonderful place to stop, break out a book and just let the afternoon drift away. The park is a campsite and I’d guess a pretty popular day attraction as well. Water sports and just being horizontal appeared to be the most popular activities.

An easy evening, walking around town, which doesn’t take long, dining and more walking. There was a bar with live music but I didn’t venture in – far too active for this stay.

I stayed at the Duck Brand Hotel. It’s really well situated but offered compact and spartan accommodation. However if the prerequisites for overnight shelter are clean room, reasonable bed and a hot shower, the Duck Brand hits the spot. The price is pretty standard for Winthrop and doesn’t really represent good value for money as there’s no breakfast included. So, for an overnight or two, the place is fine. Anything more and I’d look elsewhere.

Another day done and the mini road trip was checking the boxes.


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