Back to reality

A relaxed breakfast, final wander around the town and on the road. Time to head for home. The traffic was certainly heavier than Friday. Driving felt more pressured, I had to keep up, the pace was faster. Consequently, the ride back through the Cascades was not as enjoyable. However, the horizontal relaxed state returned at he first pit stop. At […]

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Winthrop weekend day 2

Soporific or chilled. A fine line maybe. In the morning I’d probably side with the former. The afternoon was more the latter. Winthrop plays host to the Shafer Historical Museum. The mainly outdoor attraction is filled with artifacts from the age of giants. Large, mechanical farming and mining equipment was scattered throughout the museum grounds and neatly provided interest whilst […]

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Seattle short stay – Space Needle

There are spectacular views, really showcasing the surrounding area, not just the city. Despite living in BC for five years and having toured down south, I’d never visited Seattle. I’ve ridden past the city and even seen the Sounders play the Whitecaps, however, I’d not trodden the Seattle tourist trail. That was about to change. It was time to sample […]

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