Show and Shine – cars

My final Show and Shine gallery, cars. Rather than attempt a full three-quarter view I decided to concentrate on capturing a range of front grilles. I didn’t spend time removing reflections in the chrome in post, however I did apply a retro ‘instamatic’ style filter to give a different feeling to the series. The Show and Shine mini-project was fun, […]

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Show and Shine – Inside Story

The inside story of Show and Shine Continuing my Show and Shine series, I shot a set of interiors through the nearside window. The only post was minor tweaks of the jpeg as I’m not looking for perfection, simply the practice of returning to manual and thinking about what I’m doing. It’s a very valuable process as I’m slowing down […]

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Show and Shine People

It’s all about practice, practice, practice. On a blisteringly hot, cloud free day there was a Show ‘n’ Shine car meet at a local casino. I wanted to take the opportunity to capture the occasion as a learning project. I’d only decided one thing before heading to the show, that I’d shoot manual apart from focus. This was about thinking […]

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