Montana road trip – day 4 and 5

There are times that I have to pinch myself. This is now part of my life and accessible more than once in a lifetime. This is what the relocation was about, quality of life and adventure.

It was time to head to the meeting point and meet up with Ward. Ward the skipperI’d met Ward during my ETNO sustainability working group days back in the late 90’s and early 00’s. The slightly surreal thing here was that I was meeting a guy from Belgium at a Scout camp on a lake in north west Montana, USA

A quick couple of quotes from the old Camp Melita Island site. Firstly Flathead Lake

Tucked in the Flathead Valley of Northwest Montana, Flathead Lake sits next to the rugged grandeur of Glacier National Park and the western edge of several million acres of designated wilderness.

And Melita Island itself. Uninhabited, undeveloped, and completely surrounded by water, Melita Island is just as it was in the late 1940’s when the Scouts first began participating in summer camps there.

These snippets tell it as it is. A tiny paradise in the sun with stunning views, Melita Island.

Although only on the island for a couple days, it was simply a wonderful wind down and chill time (once we’d ejected the plague of caterpillars from our tent). Treated to a sail boat and speed boat ride, walking around the island, sitting down and just gazing at the lake. Wonderful, this was truly what the relocation was about.

It would soon be time to hit the road again, but there was one surprise to come, a Flag Retirement Ceremony.

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