Editors at Richards

When I found out that Editors were playing Richards on Richards I decided that it had to be my first gig in Vancouver.

Through John Bollwitt’s PodCast, RadioZoom I felt I knew Richards before even setting foot in the place. What I wasn’t prepared for was the somewhat different experience. First shock was ‘no minors’, over 19’s only. This precluded Elliot who would have happily come along. Is this why Brit kids are so music savvy, they can get in to live music at a much younger age in the UK.

A great thing about living close to the downtown area is being able to be in the centre within 20 minutes. I arrived at 8pm to find a small line of people and after the doors opened I was met with someone with a cash box to take my $25. In I went, the place was pretty empty and remained that way for a good hour or so.

The culture shock continued. I grabbed a beer and it was in a glass – a glass, glass, and a pretty heavy one as well. The nights of wading through discarded plastic glasses, getting stuck to the floor at a UK venue suddenly seemed very far away. This new experience was far more refined.

First band on was Ra Ra Riot. Not a bad support act, I enjoyed them and would like to hear some recorded work of theirs.

Richard’s gradually filled up and the second support Biffy Clyro upped the noise. I’d not come across them before and my first impressions were lots of hair, power chords and levels set to 10+. Having said that there some unusual arrangements in the set to make me want to hear more.

The images were taken with a Nokia phone (2Megapix camera) so could be better. I’ll take a real camera next time.


So, my first live band experience in Vancouver ended around 12.30 and I was really grateful to have a 25 min journey home and not have to brave the last train from Victoria, London which was usually full of folks stinking of McBurgers, snoring loudly and occasionally throwing up out of the window. Tonight was a far more civilized affair.Finally, Editors took the stage. Culture shock again, it was 11pm and I’m used to being on my home by 11, not just preparing for the main act. The floor was now full and Canadian’s can rock with the best. Editors were a hit. A great show, lots of energy, good rapport, the only downside was a dodgy mic for Tom Smith’s vocals.

I’ll certainly be returning to Richard’s and I’ll be back in Nov for Suzanne Vega and Maximo Park.

Living in the city has its upsides.

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