Life in Transit

One of the must’s for our rental accommodation was to be close to a SkyTrain station. As we’re without a car at the moment, public transport (Transit) is our means of getting around the city.
I’ve become a great fan of SkyTrain. It’s a fast and frequent light railway that also affords some pretty good views of Vancouver, Burnaby and New West. What else have the locals got right? Bus loops. I’ve found access to buses at every SkyTrain station I’ve stepped out of and that helps immensely. Having said that, not everything is perfect as there have been a couple of occasions where buses have not turned up and that’s a real inconvenience, particularly when needing to be somewhere on time.

All in all I’m pretty pleased with my life in transit experience. Fares are reasonable and the trains and buses remain clean compared to what I’ve suffered in the UK.

Until a car comes along, transit’s fine by me.

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