Photo walks with the Olympus Trip

I’ve been getting back into shooting film again recently, using my Olympus Trip 35, point-and-shoot. The camera is around 40 years old and still in great condition with a working light sensor and a sharp lens. Its portability and simplicity make it great for street shooting so I headed into Vancouver and Maple Ridge for a couple of photo walks. 

Georgia Street

With an Ilford HP5 black and white film installed, I wanted to look for shadows, contrast and different levels. On a bright sunny day, I found a good dividing line across Georgia Street to capture people entering and leaving the shadow. All of these frames were taken around the Georgia/Howe area. Sometimes you don’t have to wander far to get results.

Show and Shine

Closer to home and with a standard Fuji colour film in the Trip, I wandered along to the local A&W. These burger joints host show and shines across many locations over the summer. Proud owners and casual chat. There were some wonderful rods and restorations to be seen.

Trains and boats and cranes

Just as it says. Views along the waterfront

Vancouver is open

Some simple street shots from a wider wander. 


I adore using the Trip. My sense is that people don’t take you seriously as it’s not a (D)SLR camera or phone – more of a toy and therefore are quite relaxed about being in the frame. Yet these little Trips have been capturing adventures since the late 1960s and have made great images. I’m back to having that sense of expectation and wondering whether the shot has worked as intended. I like to think it makes you a more thoughtful and considered photographer as framing and timing have to be nailed, otherwise, it’s a wasted exposure. This concentration, yet ease of use is proving to be inspiring. I just want to add another film and head out to see what I can capture. There’s more film to come.




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