Exploring film

It’s been instructional and entertaining. I’ll continue to shoot film as part of my creative growth. My photogrsaphic heritage includes shooting film. My first ever 35mm camera was an Olympus Trip and I loved that camera. Even though I was the guy that retained my turntable and vinyl albums rather than my old film cameras, the resurgence of ‘old school […]

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DSLR time

At last, a DSLR. I found the Canon refurb store on eBay around 2005 and waited for an EOS 300D to show up. It was what I could afford at the time and I used existing glass. I was back in the world of through the lens and enjoying the benefits of selecting my glass. With far better resolution and […]

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Early digital life

Taking a peek at my photographic journey. I’ve always retained an interest in photography, yet there have been times when I’ve ebbed and flowed. Sometimes we allow life to get in the way of our interests and I certainly fell in to a dormant period. I’ve decided to revisit elements of my photographic journey, picking things up from the early […]

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