Downtown before Christmas

You’ll find lights everywhere at this time of year and Vancouver is no different. On the run up to Christmas we took a trip to English Bay. The idea was to check out Unsilent Night, however when we arrived it seemed that Unsilent Night was rather too silent. So, we just had a wander around the area

taking in the Inukshuk which is really well lit at night. You’ll be seeing a lot more of the Vancouver Inukshuk as it’s the official symbol of the 2010 winter Olympics.

On Christmas eve is was back downtown and in to Stanley Park. It was a very cold, sunny day, just right for capturing reflections. As the sun went down we headed for Bright Nights, an event that raises money for the BC Professional Firefighters burn fund. Over 1 million bulbs are used to light up an area of the park with festive displays and it’s quite a sight. Although aimed at the younger visitor some of the displays are pretty spectacular.

It was great to get out and stretch the legs before Christmas which does have the tendency to be a day of rest.

Grainy video time.

Bright Nights

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