Celebration of Light

Since 1990, Vancouver has seen an annual fireworks ‘shoot out’, normally between Canada, the US and China, the Celebration of Light. Each country has one evening to themselves and then there’s a grand finale evening. This years event took on a special significance as the finale also celebrated BC’s 150th birthday. It was in 1858 that this part of what we know as Canada became a Crown Colony.

The actual fireworks are set off from barges in English Bay, not far from downtown Vancouver. However, we’d been told that the area usually got very crowded. Someone suggested heading along the coast toward UBC as the views were pretty good and we’d have breathing space. We ended up at Locarno Beach and what a fantastic find. Great views of downtown Vancouver with the added bonus of memorable sunsets across West Van.It was one of those “That’s why we came here” moments. Sitting on a log on a beach, a warm west coast evening, people just relaxing, no trouble at all, watching a fireworks spectacular with the city of glass that is Vancouver as a back-drop. Simply gorgeous.

I took along my new ‘point ‘n click’ with super 10x zoom and started to play with the manual settings. Some of the pics turned out a touch dark, but overall I was really pleased with a number of the shots.


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