An image of Jean Shrimpton from the book David Bailey The Birth of Cool

Inspiration from the past

I take inspiration from art and from other photographers. Being involved in a visual medium, one cannot help but take in images from the past and present. ...

A crop of Melissa Spitz image to introduce my blog post

You Have Nothing To Worry About

“Finding this community has saved my life,” - Melissa Spitz on her finding support from Instagram following. Earlier this year I launched a personal project, Behind the Mask. I wanted to explore how people use social masks to hide or obscure their feelings and emotions when in the company of others. Having just come...

Terry O'Neil-Photograph-Ed Alexander

Terry O’Neil – Storyteller

When reflecting upon my own work I start to recognise the desire to capture those fleeting moments of normality, where my client is no longer a collaborator in creating the image but a bystander unaware of the intruding lens.  Born a short distance from where I spent my own formative years (although many years...

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