Montana road trip – day 1

We hadn’t set out to sleep in the car on our first night on the road trip, but that’s what happened. Lesson learned. The plan was simple, drive 1000 Km to meet up with Ward from Belgium who was volunteering at a Scout Camp on an island in Flathead Lake Montana. Being in Canada has led to some interesting adventure […]

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Changing the commute

I’ve recently changed the commute. The second car has gone and in it’s place is transit and a scooter. It’s been a mixed experience, but on the whole a good one. After a year of driving to and from Richmond I decided that I’d have enough of the line-ups along the Mary Hill Bypass and to get across the Queensborough […]

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New wheels, old wheels

When we bought our first car here it was clear that new tyres would be needed on the front of the car fairly soon. The great day arrived and it was one of shock and awe. Okay, the Focus had after market rims fitted, however, I really wasn’t expecting replacement tyres to require a mortgage to purchase. So it was […]

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