Sea to Sky

The views are superb.

I'm impressed that someone had a vision and was able to make it a reality. The Sea to Sky gondola is a great achievement and yes, there are no doubt counterviews on the disturbance to the natural environment. I recognise that not everyone is going to be at one with development and I'm hoping that the Sea to Sky attraction was conceived and executed with sensitivity to the land. The ride and hikes are now well established and this was my third visit, the first in which I've been able to explore one of the less frequented, but still very tourist centric hikes. Hike 'de jour' was the Wonderland Lake loop.

The afternoon was another opportunity to break out the camera, my PEN-F with 25mm 1.8, and keep working the manual muscle. I like to think that I'm slowly starting to think in stops and shutter speeds again, as it's been many years since my only option was the fully manual Pentax K1000. Post was a few minor tweaks and cropping and, in some ways, the landscapes take care of themselves. It's difficult to make a complete mess when nature provides such an amazing canvas.

To compliment the stills I also created a 30 second video that captures a few of the moments experienced on the Wonderland Lake loop; all part of my desire to be more of a storyteller through the visual medium. There's a definite shift in how I'm viewing the world.

If you're in the area, do take time to visit the Sea to Sky gondola and soak up the views of Howe Sound.

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