Working on working

Job search in Canada is very different to the UK.

I’ve previously been able to tap in to at least a dozen specialist agencies, not so here. My standard UK CV has become a ‘size 0” one page resume which has to be tweaked for every application, and the covering letter seems to be of supreme importance. So, having circulated the right CV/wrong resume the job search tactics have been reviewed, the suspects list trimmed down and I’m preparing for door stepping companies which also seems to be a valid way to get in front of someone.

After so many years of relative comfort, this whole experience is a great test of resolve and patience. There’s no doubt that there’s plenty of work out here, but in some ways, similar to the UK, most of the openings are in the lower levels of the service sector. This of course means low pay, and when you’re living in the city with the highest real estate prices in Canada, which of means means high rental prices as well, the thought of low pay hurts!

The search continues and will be successful. If anyone’s thinking of making the move to Canada, be prepared for a hard first year, or make sure you’ve got a job to walk in to. In fact, become a plumber or a builder – sounds familiar eh.

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