California road trip day 9

And that was it. Post road trip silence. After a really relaxed final evening it was time to gear up for the final time on this road trip. Time to head home. The final leg from Olympia to the border was straightforward with just a couple of refueling stops. The only issue we had was my comms headset failing. A […]

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California road trip day 1

Sometimes a road trip isn’t about the road or the views, it’s about the challenge and endurance. Home to Albany, Oregon The plan was quick route down, slow route home. San Francisco is 2.5 days. That meant getting some good mileage in on day one when fresh. So, Saturday morning arrives and after a filling breakfast it’s on the bikes […]

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Ducati GT1000

Despite me having the Ducati GT1000 for over 6 months I’ve not previously posted a pic of my summer cruise machine. So, here it is. I’m not a hardened biker by any stretch of the imagination and how I ended up on a bike after many years of being a car only person is a bit of a story. My […]

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