Road trip Day 4 – I only use awesome sparingly

The word awesome seems to be well overused in Canada. I’m not a great user of awesome, but Crater Lake fully deserved the superlative. It was indeed awesome. Time to hit the road again. I followed the 138 to my next port of call Crater Lake. En-route I pulled over several times to take in the gorgeous scenery along the […]

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Road trip Day 3 – Sometimes good things just happen

Road trip day 3 was a day of contrasts. From the spectacular Pacific coast to gorgeous rivers and finishing with a major cruise of the car variety. The day had it all. Sometimes good things just happen. Having dipped in to road trip USA I decided to look in on a couple of places en-route to Florence. My early morning […]

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Road trip Day 2 – Searching for sun on highway 101

Day 2 of the road trip took in fog, searching for sun on Highway 101, some spectacular scenery and a long time in the saddle. I wanted to give Aberdeen a second chance. I really did want to.  However, when I was fueling up, a guy at the gas station remarked that I should get out of Aberdeen quickly as […]

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Road trip day 1

Today was day 1 of my road trip taking me from PoCo to Aberdeen Washington. A day of Freeway riding, aching shoulders and searing temperatures. Finally the day had arrived. The Short(er) Way Round was no longer a dream, the bike was packed, fueled and ready to roll and just past 9am I set off for the US border. I’d […]

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