Montana road trip – day 2

I’d never been so close to a Bison and to be honest, I’d happily not be so close to a bison ever again. Day 2 began a lot earlier than I’d hoped for. Having parked up in a rest area facing south, around 5.30am the sun announced that the new day was definitely open for business. Even though it was […]

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Montana road trip – day 1

We hadn’t set out to sleep in the car on our first night on the road trip, but that’s what happened. Lesson learned. The plan was simple, drive 1000 Km to meet up with Ward from Belgium who was volunteering at a Scout Camp on an island in Flathead Lake Montana. Being in Canada has led to some interesting adventure […]

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Road trip Day 6 – Home run

Decision mad. After 5 days on the road on day 6 I’d make the home run. I could still do the final loop through the forests on my road trip or I could  hit the freeway home. The weather appeared better than the previous day but was still windy. When the guy on the front desk at the motel mentioned […]

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Road trip day 5 – Endurance

When the guy at the gas station in Biggs said that he didn’t know how the heck I could ride a motorcycle in that wind I realised that I’d just done something pretty amazing/foolhardy. The day started easily enough with a browse around Best Buy in Bend considering the merits of a tax free 64Gb 3G iPad. Another of those […]

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