California road trip

There was a time when I thought it might not happen. But come the weekend, California here I come. After my 2010 road trip in to Oregon I desperately wanted to extend the bike road trip and take the Ducati to California. San Francisco was set as the destination and the plan started to come alive. Initially the road trip […]

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Montana road trip – day 7

Although I wouldn’t say that the best was saved until last, driving through the Cascades was certainly a fitting end to a pretty amazing week away. Having booked in to another small motel in Omak, Washington, it was time to leave Bonners Ferry. Our new best friend YELP wasn’t to enamoured by our prospective inn for the night, but it […]

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Montana road trip – day 6

The Kootenai Falls were an amazing find, an unexpected highlight of the road trip. Another night under canvas. We’d managed to avoid caterpillar infestation, which given the amount of caterpillars dropping on to my head and shoulders from the trees was a minor miracle. Ah, the delights of nature. Day 6 saw us leave the little island paradise and start […]

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Montana road trip – Flag retirement

I’d never really appreciated just how much the Stars and Stripes meant to Americans. After the retirement ceremony I was left in no doubt of its importance. I’d spent an afternoon sailing around Melita Island on Flathead Lake. Lesley and I were passengers, the skipper a US Navy veteran. The temperature was in the mid 30’s, the lake a mill […]

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Montana road trip – day 4 and 5

There are times that I have to pinch myself. This is now part of my life and accessible more than once in a lifetime. This is what the relocation was about, quality of life and adventure. It was time to head to the meeting point and meet up with Ward. I’d met Ward during my ETNO sustainability working group days […]

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