The Black & White challenge moves to Instagram

I’m don’t usually get involved with social media ‘challenges’, however, I’ve made an exception for the black and white images variant as it’s fun. Take a look at my first Facebook version or enjoy the Instagram version which will end up here as well. Enjoy the images.

One Thousand Reasons To Ride

I've owned a Ducati Sport Classic GT 1000 since 2008. It's been a cafe cruiser, it's been to California and back. It's a bike that always attracts compliments and is a joy to ride.

I wanted to capture a few details of the bike without it being washed and shiny. The bike is ridden, it gets grubby. It's how it's supposed to be. Come what may, the Ducati always gives me one thousand reasons to ride.

Seattle weekender

Seattle has been a bit of a fixture for me over the last couple of months. Following Amerivespa in July I visited the Flying Heritage Collection earlier in August. Last weekend I was back in town for a short weekend break. The focal point of the trip was another visit to MoPop (formerly EMP) as there was a gallery of Mick Rock's early Bowie photographs. This was Bowie on the verge of superstardom. 

I didn't give myself a photography brief for the visit so the shots below are really a few tourist captures with a sprinkling of 'street' thrown in. Space Needle was looking particularly impressive with the sun peeking behind the saucer before 10am. It was also fun watching adults and kids play at the International Fountain. Water, enthralling young and old. The street shots near the Gum Wall were of people heading away from the area and I tried to capture those simply going about their day rather than visit the gum. Back in MoPop I went for a couple of Sci-Fi images that reflect humans as emotionless machines. Chilling yet captivating.

Rock Seen

I'm so pleased that I got to view Bob Gruen's collection that was being displayed by Liss Gallery in Vancouver during August.

The photographs on display supported his book Rock Seen and span some 40 years of capturing some of rock musics most notable performers. The bulk of the work displayed was from the 70's and 80's and to be honest, those decades resonate so much with me. Having travelled the road from glam to punk, I spent my viewing time reliving times and places that now seem so distant yet full of life.

As my photographic journey starts (or continues following a long delay) I wanted to look past the memories and the artist to think about what it was that made the image memorable for me. The mix of on and off-stage shots provided a glimpse of the transition from real life to entertainer/commentator. My biggest smile? The image of John Lydon in his Rotten guise on board an airliner with a rather bewildered child in the seat in front. My favourite image? It would be easy to go with one of John Lennon and yet I was transfixed by the power of The Clash on stage. This shot summed up "The Only Band That Matters". Energy and attitude partnered with authenticity and astute commentary. 

It was a real privilege to view this small part of the Gruen collection. An artist capturing musicians that are likely the true beneficiaries of the image as it freezes them in time and certainly prompts me to dive in to the vinyl collection again.