Light up, rain down

One thing I’ve discovered about Vancouver is that it rains. In fact it rains a lot. Some might say that for a Brit, what could be better, move to somewhere ‘exotic’ and still be able to complain about the rain. Actually, I don’t believe I’m someone that really gets agitated about the weather, and besides, in Vancouver, life goes on. People simply break out the brollies and continue.

I was out late afternoon and came up to the junction of Kingsway and Joyce where these images were taken. Vancouver has a trolley bus fleet and I was taken by the grid of overhead cables so decided to snap away. As it’s a pretty major intersection, traffic was constant and I have to admit that I’m pleased with the results of my photo opportunity. I like the contrast between the static grid, the vehicle movement and the lighting.

There have been times over these first few weeks when I’ve wondered if I should invest in a car. If I had a car, these images wouldn’t be here so there’s definitely something good about getting to know the area through transit and on foot.

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  1. Ward Dossche
    October 8, 2007

    A bit too early to tell now but I may be in Seattle (again) in December. That’s only a stone-throws away from your current neck of the woods. Maybe some day RSN it is your photo that will be snapped ..; 😉

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