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Taste the, well, beetroot

One of the hardest things to resolve since moving from the UK to BC has been regulating my diet. My yeast and dairy intolerance make a standard diet kind of hard. So, finding Capers has been a real boon. Capers is stuffed full of organic produce, a vast range of other foods, drinks and supplements... Continue reading

But is it Artona?

Graduating High School in Canada has special meaning. The experience, quite simply, puts the UK to shame. Yes, there was a ‘prom’ night for E when he left his UK secondary school, but we’re very quickly realising that one night out doth not a graduation maketh. Today was the Artona experience. If you’ve come across... Continue reading

Image is everything

Well, maybe image isn’t everything. But, I wanted to post another random set of pics from the first 5 weeks here. I’m trying to get in to the habit of snapping away with the phone whilst I’m out, just to capture the moment. As someone that’s a touch fussy when it comes to photography, using... Continue reading

Working on working

Job search in Canada is very different to the UK. I’ve previously been able to tap in to at least a dozen specialist agencies, not so here. My standard UK CV has become a ‘size 0” one page resume which has to be tweaked for every application, and the covering letter seems to be of... Continue reading

Strolling around Stanley Park

It was great weather over the weekend so we managed to fit in a couple of walks around Stanley Park. It’s a fabulous place to unwind with a sea wall footpath and a separate cycle/blade path as well. Some memorable views (excluding the sulphur heap). Stanley Park’s history goes back to the early days of... Continue reading

Lunch at Lilly’s

If you’re ever downtown at Nelson and Howe, drop in to Lilly’s for lunch. Lesley and I had a couple of delicious sandwiches there. The salmon burger and tuna melt are highly recommended.

Vancouver views

Vancouver is a wonderful city, not just for the lifestyle but also the landscape. Okay, these images are not of the open spaces that Canada has plenty of, but I find the views impressive. Just click on the thumbnail to view a larger image. These images were taken with the Nokia phone rather than a... Continue reading

Life in Transit

One of the must’s for our rental accommodation was to be close to a SkyTrain station. As we’re without a car at the moment, public transport (Transit) is our means of getting around the city. I’ve become a great fan of SkyTrain. It’s a fast and frequent light railway that also affords some pretty good... Continue reading

Editors at Richards

When I found out that Editors were playing Richards on Richards I decided that it had to be my first gig in Vancouver. Through John Bollwitt’s PodCast, RadioZoom I felt I knew Richards before even setting foot in the place. What I wasn’t prepared for was the somewhat different experience. First shock was ‘no minors’,... Continue reading

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