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Life in Transit

One of the must’s for our rental accommodation was to be close to a SkyTrain station. As we’re without a car at the moment, public transport (Transit) is our means of getting around the city. I’ve become a great fan of SkyTrain. It’s a fast and frequent light railway that also affords some pretty good... Continue reading

Editors at Richards

When I found out that Editors were playing Richards on Richards I decided that it had to be my first gig in Vancouver. Through John Bollwitt’s PodCast, RadioZoom I felt I knew Richards before even setting foot in the place. What I wasn’t prepared for was the somewhat different experience. First shock was ‘no minors’,... Continue reading

Testing the healthcare service

We hadn’t intended to test the healthcare service until we were covered by BC Medical Services Plan (MSP), which has a 3 month from month of landing qualification period. Maybe we should have know better when the lads bought rollerblades within the first week of arrival. The short version is this. I ended up at... Continue reading

Hotels and suitcases

Don’t live out of suitcases, particularly when there’s 7 cases to choose from. It’s as simple as that. The first few days after arrival were mentally and physically draining. After the best part of 16 years of stability in the same house, living out of suitcases across 2 hotels was a slog. Why 2 hotels?... Continue reading

First thoughts

In her blog, Lesley neatly summarised the testing, first few hours of our departure from the UK, and it certainly was a test of how calm we could remain. Delays in Maidstone, delays on the M25 and a fire alarm at Gatwick were all thrown at us, but the feeling was that it would take... Continue reading

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