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Roy Lichtenstein originals at SFMoMA

Among the Masters

Being able to stand and examine works of art from multiple distances and angles really helps me appreciate the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. Continue reading

Hayden at Queen Elizabeth Park

Hayden’s Story

“I can usually walk down Main Street and find a new place which will keep me occupied.” No Regrets Hayden is a Watford supporter. I forgave him and we met at Queen Elizabeth Park on an overcast yet clear Sunday afternoon. I wanted to find out more about Hayden and in particular, what prompted him... Continue reading

A crop of Melissa Spitz image to introduce my blog post

You Have Nothing To Worry About

“Finding this community has saved my life,” - Melissa Spitz on her finding support from her Instagram following. Earlier this year I launched a personal project, Behind the Mask. I wanted to explore how people use social masks to hide or obscure their feelings and emotions when in the company of others. Having just come... Continue reading

Daniel downtown Vancouver

Daniel’s Story

“I remember taking a taxi towards Downtown Vancouver for the first time back in February and noticing the city’s architecture against the backdrop of the mountains. It was truly stunning and inspiring” On a fresh, dazzling, late November morning, I met Daniel who was still very much in the land of jet lag. Daniel had... Continue reading

Brits in Vancouver. Bell at Third Beach

Bell’s Story

“I wake up and look out of my apartment window at the North Shore mountains, and it’s the most beautiful sight. I walk 25 minutes across town to work, passing people from all over the world.” Courage It was a warm and sunny early evening when I met Bell at Third Beach in Stanley Park.... Continue reading

Terry O'Neil-Photograph-Ed Alexander

Terry O’Neil – Storyteller

When reflecting upon my own work I start to recognise the desire to capture those fleeting moments of normality, where my client is no longer a collaborator in creating the image but a bystander unaware of the intruding lens.  Born a short distance from where I spent my own formative years (although many years before... Continue reading

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